Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aubrey's Awesome Aquatica Adventure

Aquatica SeaWorld's Waterpark ~ Orlando, Florida there is so much to do here. We stayed at the amazing hotel called Renaissance SeaWorld Orlando. We went to Aquatica for my (Aubrey, Kara's daughter) 9th birthday. We got an awesome room! We had a view of SeaWorld and every night there were FIREWORKS I felt like that was a birthday celebration for me. The hotel had a huge pool with live music at night. We were lucky enough to get a private cabana by the pool both nights! When we woke up we of course had to put on sunscreen. Got into our bathing suits (I suggest you wear them) we went downstairs and a nice man from the hotel drove is over to Aquatica. When we got there there were huge lines and we had to wait because they weren't open yet. When we finally made it in we started at the rides. First stop the Dolphin Plunge. That was awesome. The Dolphin Plunge is dark at first then the tube is clear and you're actually under the water where the dolphins swim. In the water there are Commerson's Dolphins (they are black and white) and you can see them under the water when your in the slide. The Omaka Rocka is probably the most unique ride you will see. It has a bunch of bumps along the way that make it very exciting. The next ride is the Taumata Racer. This is one of the mat racers. This is a steep hill ride and you go really fast. It was SO fast that it made my sister cry. The next one is a lazy river called Loggerhead Lane and it really is lazy. The wave pool names are Cutback Cove which is the smaller wave pool . The BIG SURF SHORES is the BIGGER wave pool. Next one is Walkabout Waters that is a place where the kids can play and the grown-ups can relax. Roa's Rapids is a way to get around. It is a faster (way faster) lazy river but, you don't need a tube and there is not much lazy about it. Tassie's Twister is basically a big giant toilet bowl. You go around and around and around until it flushes you out into Loggerhead Lane. That is my favorite ride. After, all that playing you must be hungry. I know just the place to go ~ Banana Beach Cookout it is a pay one price eat all you want all day. On the buffet were brownies, nachos, banana pudding, hot dogs, hamburgers, buns and a bunch of other stuff. That makes you stuffed! After all that sliding and swimming we were tired and ready to go back to the hotel. We did some MORE swimming at the hotel pool before getting room service for dinner. Watched a little TV and right to sleep - we were soooo tired.
When we woke the last day, we went down to Tradewinds Restaurant in the hotel to get breakfast. We it was a special Make-Your-Own Pancake Breakfast with SHAMU!!! There were so many toppings to choose from. The chef gave us an apron and a chef's hat to keep! This was my favorite trip because there were so many things to do and we were never bored.
written by Aubrey age 9 (4th grade)


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Great job Aubrey !! When you take Grammy you take Nanny too !!!!!