Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Unique Great Family Gateway - Sleeping with Saddles

Sleeping with Saddles
Seventy-Four Ranch, Jasper, Georgia

I blogged about the cowboy cabin at Seventy-Four Ranch as a romantic couples gateway. There is another cool way to stay at this real ranch. A few years ago Chris was on a golf trip and I decided to take the kids on our first overnight adventure just me and them. We stayed in the Saddle House, yes where they store the saddles at night. The room has two bunk beds built in to the wall. It was just perfect for the four of us. If you are traveling with your hubby and the kids you may want to also book the porch cabin room which is connected to the saddle room by a shared bathroom. We had our own poker table (I imagine this is where the cowboys gather at night to play cards) which was perfect for games and the picnic dinner I packed. Each of our bunks had a little night light which the kids thought was neato. The great thing about this ranch is all the simple pleasures you can enjoy in the "country". We rode horses, picked vegetables from the garden, splashed in the creek, played on the tire swing, took a ride in the back of Ole Blue (an old pick up), roasted marshmallows, stargazed, caught fireflies and before we left we even got the chance to name the new foal. Things you don't get to do on a normal basis. The sweetness and pureness of it all is what makes it one of my favorite family gateways (the only thing that would have made the trip better would have been if Chris was with us). If you look real close at the photos on their website you might even see a few familiar faces! Don't forget a delicious breakfast is included in your stay.

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