Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tybee Time - by Grayson age 7 (1st grade)

Tybee Island, Georgia is one of my favorite places. I like it because there are lots of fun places there and fun things to do. Here are some of my favorites -

Polar Bear Plunge on New Years Day is fun because I like getting wet. There were crazy dressed people at the plunge.

Tybee Island Pier - It is fun to go under it. We played volleyball with a huge beach ball at the nets they have set up on the beach. We saw a ton of dolphins playing in the ocean. The bench swings that are all over the beaches are great fun.

Tybee Island Lighthouse - I like it because you can see so much sights at the top.

Historic Fort Screven is a great area to ride scooters and bikes!

All the different beaches - we DIG BIG holes, play in the waves and play football.

Freight Ships from the Savannah River - It is cool to see the different sizes of the freighters coming and going out to the ocean. They look like BIG trucks floating in the ocean.

Uncle Bubba's Oyster House - I like their crab!

So did my sister, Aubrey!

Oat Island Wildlife Center - My favorite animals was the cougar and the duck. The red foxes were sleeping in the sunshine just like my cats and dog do. The walking trails and paths were right beside the nature and if you looked good you could find squirrels and stuff.

Serenity on Tybee Island is a great HUGE house we stayed in. There is a really big rooftop deck with a hot tub! We had lunch up there ~ it has a whole rooftop kitchen. It even has an elevator. On the first floor there is a ping pong table, foosball table, poker table and a pool table. The murphy beds that pop out of the wall are awesome! There were so many special things in Mom & Dad's bathroom like ~ a fireplace, the shower had water coming out of a billion showerheads, a big jacuzzi tub and my favorite part was the towel warmer.

If you get a chance to go to Tybee Island hope you have fun!


Kelly said...

Great job, Grayson! I loved hearing about what you enjoyed in Savannah. Uncle Bubba's is a favorite of mine too!
~Mrs. Hays

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Take me with you Grayson !! I promise not to dress up as a witch ....