Sunday, March 27, 2011

CDs - The Soundtrack to Our Getaways

Another item that can be found in the Welcome Bags is a CD specially burned for the weekend. Depending on the trip I either ask for song titles from the ladies or I just choose songs appropriate for the location and the group. Either way everyone gets their very own copy as a keepsake from the weekend and we play it throughout the weekend every chance we get. If I am asking for songs I try to give them a theme to go by. On the teachers' trip we make a game out of who picked what song - complete with prizes of course.

Some of the themes I have had for various CDs throughout the yrs are:

  • Favorite all time song

  • Favorite beach song - on beach trips obviously

  • Great Girlie songs

  • Favorite song from HS

  • For special birthday getaways I ask everyone to choose a song that reminds them of the birthday girl

  • Songs you would want to listen to rocking in a rocking chair (for those country slow paced locations)

  • Songs that IF people would just listen to the words it night change the world

  • Songs that are GREEN - kind of earth friendly (this was when we went to Serenbe a very earth friendly place)

Have fun with your own themed CDs! Let me know what ideas you come up with. You do get to know a bit more about a person from the songs they choose. Let the music move you!

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