Wednesday, March 16, 2011

FUN SCHEDULES for your Girls Weekend Getaways!

Here is an assortment of schedules to show the set up of how our weekends flow. You will notice there is a good ratio of group activities to "down time" to do what you want. The schedule and activities obviously vary depending on location and the season in which we travel. Not only does every participant on the weekend get their own copy of the schedule in their Welcome Folder but I try to put up copies in common areas (like on a refrigerator) so that if anyone asks about the schedule you can kindly ask them to refer to the schedule. You can use these as great little reminders for different tips for certain activities (ie. Don't Forget Your ID!). Sometimes on the back of the schedules I will print Spa times or lists of who has signed up for what ~ the less ?'s I get on the weekend the more fun it is for me (not that I don't like answering questions).

Girlfriends Getaway Weekend Schedule
Serenbe, Palmetto, GA

Girlfriend Getaway Weekend Schedule ~ Coast Cottages on Coast Cottage Lane, Saint Simons Island, Ga

Church Ladies Getaway Weekend Schedule
Glen Ella Springs Inn, Clarkesville, GA

Preschool Teachers Getaway Weekend Schedule ~ Ashford Manor Bed & Breakfast, Watkinsville, GA

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kara said...

I want to add a small caveat to this post - I think that one of the reasons that our w/e's flow so great is that the -"what are we going to do and where are we going to eat?" is taken out of it for us. Which means that all that is left is to ENJOY! I have unfortunately heard about other Girls Weekends where there were fights and dissagreements about topics such as this. Wouldn't that be a HUGE waste of our precious time??