Monday, March 07, 2011

Girls Weekends ~ WHO?

Church Girls Weekend ~ Flat Creek Lodge, Swainsboro, GA

This seems to be an easy question but there are so many facets of our friendships as women. Who do you invite?? A few suggestions of groups to get together to Getaway with:
  • HS Girlfriends
  • College Girlfriends
  • Family (cousins, grandmother, etc)
  • Sisters
  • Church Girlfriends
  • BUNKO Group
  • Tennis Friends
  • Mother/Daughter
  • Girl Scout Group ~ Moms and Daughters
  • Female Co-workers
  • Scrapbooking Group
Don't worry about their common bonds it seems to me as long as they know one woman on the weekend they will be comfortable. Remember the common bond is that you are all women! HOW BIG? Really depends on the group and the accomodations. For me the more the merrier! Who do you want to spend some quality time with?
Family Girls Weekend ~ Westport, CT

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