Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teachers Girls Getaway ~ THIS WEEKEND YAHOO!!!

Attendees Paid - check
Bed & Breakfast (Ashford Manor payment made - check
Activities and Meals secured - check
Welcome Bags and contents purchased & put together - check
CDs made - check
Raffle Prizes bought & wrapped - check
Movie for Movie Night voted on and gotten - check
Table Tents printed - check
Schedules & Welcome signs printed - check
What to Bring & Where to Go email sent - check
girlie game box packed - check
Pedicure - check
liquor store - check
food store for snacks - check
haircut - check
now all that is left is pack - GOT TO GO!

15 happy excited women making their last minute arrangements to keep everyone at home happy too! - check


Unknown said...

We are ready for you--and so looking forward to help make this a fun, unforgettable weekend. Let us know, as always, if you think of anything last minute or on the spot that you need.
xox Mario and Dave

kara said...

As usual you know how to treat your guests with exceptional service and warm welcomes! We LOVED it~ will blog this week about our stay and CAN'T WAIT to do it again NEXT YEAR!