Tuesday, March 29, 2011

YET Another Reason Girls Weekends are Good!

While watching a video clip from my most recent Girls Getaway Weekend, my middle daughter Aubrey (age 9) says;

Aubrey "I'm so glad you do that."

Me "What?"

Aubrey "Girls Weekends"

Me "Why?"

Aubrey "Because you get to have fun too!"

I am happy that my girls witness their mommy taking care of herself as well as others through these weekends. I hope that I am empowering them so that one day they also take the time to nourish themselves!
Me holding a shark on a Private Shrimpin' Cruise we did on our Family Girls Weekend

aboard The Lady Jane, St Simon's Island, GA

October 2010


Unknown said...

Glad I had the chance to experience a great weekend with you and your family. Can't wait until the next chance I get!! Love you and all you do!!!

kfischer said...

You are amazing!!! No detail is overlooked - just amazing!! xo

kara said...

thanks chickies!
You all make it easy to want to do. Because there are SOOOO many deserving giving women out there (INCLUDING YOU TWO!).