Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Savannah ~ Nanny's 80th

My grandmother (Nanny) turned rhymes with GATEY (80) this April!  To celebrate Nanny's big birthday a group of nine of us family girls hit the road for a mini-family girls birthday getaway weekend.  Savannah, Georgia would never be the same after us girls left it.  First stop lunch at Soho South Cafe' ~ Where Food is an Art on West Liberty St.  Soho South had been voted Best Business Lunch Spot for 2010 by Savannah Magazine.  Although, we were there for FAR from business it was a perfect place to grab a light lunch and enjoy a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

After lunch we quickly unpacked our stuff at our COOL Savannah (rented for the weekend) apartment.  Grabbed our bottles of champagne and donned our boas.  We like to call the picture below Boa Bimbos in the back alley.
Dee and her beautiful carriage were waiting for us at Wright Square.  The Madison Tour Company is a pleasure to work with, Dee was so accommodating and knowledgeable.  POP POP POP went the champagne corks as we tooled our way through Savannah, yelling whenever we got the chance to passers-by "It's Her Birthday ~ She is 80!"  We were quite a sight.
We learned a lot and laughed even more.  Dee dropped us at Ellis Square which is right next to City Market.  I dropped a 10spot in the singers tip jar and the birthday song bonanza began!  Everywhere we went all weekend long someone, somewhere was singing Happy Birthday to Nanny.  I hope when I am 80 I get as many renditions of Happy Birthday sung to me!

When the fan fare of City Market had faded it was off to Rocks on the Roof atop of the Bohemian Hotel for drinks on the river.  LITERALLY on the Savannah River ~ there is no better view to be had for Happy Hour than Rocks on the Roof.  Drinks were delightful, food was delish and laughter never stopped.  It was a breezy afternoon and by now our boas are blowing everywhere!  Picture below is us squeezing in the elevator to go to the top of The Bohemian Hotel.  SAY CHEESE! 

We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling down River Street.  We left a trail of feathers all over Savannah. 

That evening we enjoyed a Tapas dinner (I said Tapas not Topless) at Jazz'd Tapas Bar.  Live Music and Little Plates what more can a girl ask for?  Oh yeah, yummy martinis!  After dinner ~ Nanny was serenaded once again by the Jazz'd waitstaff! 

The next day it was SHOP til we DROP and BRUNCH!  Two of our favorite things!  We LOVED the Paris Market & Brocante on Broughton.  Treasures around every corner of this TWO floor store!
Copper Penny/SHOOZ was one of our faves!  They had fabulous accessories and great ~ you guessed it shoes!Brunch was a top priority by now and there is no better place for brunch in Savannah than B. Matthew's Eatery.  The food was perfect and carafes of mimosas were terrific to share.  More shopping ~ pralines from Savannah Candy Kitchen
Headed back to our apartment to change for dinner.  I had a surprise set up for my girls ~ four pedicabs awaited us to drive us to and from dinner.  What FUN! I set these up through the Savannah Pedicab Company.  These guys are mostly students who work solely on tips. So I told the girls their chariots await.  We made the Birthday Princess tiara and all ride by herself.  Her chariot led the parade of pedicabs through the streets of Savannah.  We laughed more and yelled "It's her birthday" to anyone that would listen.
The Olde Pink House was the perfect backdrop for Nanny's Celebration Birthday dinner. We couldn't have dreamt a more amazing setting.  A private room called the office was ours for the night.  Lit only by candlelight and the windows open so we could hear the sounds of Savannah drifting sweetly in.  The food was exquisite.  The service was impeccable. Yuri, our server for the evening knew just what we needed before we even did.  The way she explains the menu and specials is like she is "talking dirty".  Jason the floor manager did a terrific job keeping things running smoothly.  It was a unforgettable 4 hour dinner!  As you can see all the way to dessert, The Olde Pink House knows how to make it special.
Nanny the Birthday Princess in her chariot for our fast and fun home in our pedicabs.  Ethan and his peddling crew raced through the streets of Savannah to get us home before our pedicabs turned back into pumpkins. 

The next morning it was coffee at Smooth on Bull Street.  Great smoothies and coffee drinks - a great local java joint!  We had the cars all packed up by this point because unfortunately the fun has to end sometime.  BUT not before one last Savannah Specialty ~ lunch at Paula Deen's ~ The Lady and Sons.  As you can see you do a lot of eating and drinking in Savannah, luckily you do a lot of walking too!

We had an 11am reservation so we were there to hear Miss Jelly Roll ring the dinner bell (lunch bell in our case).  The Lady and Sons is a three story restaurant that offers an incredible Southern Home Cooking Buffet and ala carte menu items as well.  Nanny was sang to TWICE while at The Lady and Sons, once upstairs and once downstairs.  I need to give a SHOUT OUT to our awesome waiter Hector!  We had the opportunity to sit at the bar while we enjoyed our lunch and Hector entertained us with all his tricks!  LOVE HIM!
Nanny and her new BFF Miss Jelly Roll.

I can't say enough about the city of Savannah.  Their hospitality is second to none.  The azaleas in the spring are enchanting.  The squares are serene.  The city is dripping with history as well as the signature Spanish Moss.  Nanny, thank you for being you and being our reason for being together.  We LOVE you!  You make us want to be 80!  I have never seen anyone rock your age with such grace and exubarance!  You are the BOMB!

To see more of the apartment/condo we rented view my daughter Gabby's Blog that she wrote Savannah ~ A Whole Other World Right Here in Georgia!

FYI - Savannah has the BEST Facebook Page I have seen yet!  Very engaging and informative be sure to check it out Visit Savannah 

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