Friday, May 06, 2011

Glen Ella Springs Inn part 1~ all we thought it would be and so much more!


Last weekend was my Annual Church Girls Getaway Weekend to Glen Ella Springs Inn in Clarkesville, Georgia.  We arrived excited and ready to relax and party!  The weather couldn't have been more cooperative ~ GOD IS GOOD!  We threw our luggage in our sweet country rooms and grabbed our sunscreen & bottles of wine.  In the parking lot were three vans awaiting our giggly group to drive us through the scenic mountain roads.  Our destination - Lake Rabun for our Lake Wine & Cheese Cruise!  a FANTASTIC way to begin our weekend! You couldn't have found a happier bunch anywhere.  After arriving at the boats the girls rifled through a box of decorated plastic wine glasses to choose the perfect glass that was theirs to keep! 

Cheese trays in hand courtesy of Glen Ella Springs and smiles on faces we loaded in three pontoon boats.  Our chauffeurs doubled as our captains for the afternoon! 

We drank wine and laughed and OOOHHED & AAHHED at the magnificent lake houses that lined the shores of Lake Rabun. 

Making our way to the marina for a much needed potty break and back to our boats for a laughter filled trip back to our dock.  After a few pictures and more potty breaks and laughter back to the vans it was.

We arrived back at the Inn with plenty of time to regroup before dinner at 7:30pm.  Some attended the group rosary on the front porch, others headed to their massages and a few even napped.  The food at Glen Ella Springs was delish!  I saw many members of the clean plate club at every meal.  It didn't matter what your selection was from our meal choices everyone left our meals full and satisfied!  As full as you were you somehow couldn't wait til your next meal to see what dining surprise was going to come from the kitchen next.  Thanks to Chef Patrick and his gang we were WELL FED all weekend!
 Vegetarian Dish - Vegetable Napoleon YUMMO!
Killer Brownie

After dinner the ladies grabbed their Moose Mellow Stick from their Welcome Bag and a sweatshirt to head to the STARRY STARRY NIGHT fire pit.  Where a S'mores Smorgasbord and Chocolate Wine Tasting awaited them.  S'mores Smorgasbord consists of graham crackers both honey and chocolate flavored, waffle cookies, marshmallows and three kinds of Hershey's Chocolate bars (milk, special dark & cookies & cream).  The combinations are endless and this brings S'mores to a whole new level!  The Chocolate Wine Tasting consists of Chocovine both regular chocolate flavored and raspberry!  Chocolate and wine in one product what more could a girl want?  We played a few fireside games, enjoyed the chill in the air and headed to bed ready for a good night's sleep in cozy accommodations.

Saturday morning we woke to the sun shining and the sound of birds!  My roomies and I were lucky enough to have a sweet little nest filled with babies just outside the door to our suite.  You will have to wait for the rest of this trip.  MORE TO COME.....

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