Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Midnight Swim Made Better by TONS of Glow Sticks

Every year in Pine Knoll Shores and/or Emerald Isle we do a "midnight swim" which doesn't take place at midnight at all.  The kids seem to think it is close to midnight but the truth is some years we start cracking glow sticks as the sun is setting.  I try to purchase as many glow sticks as I can before we go!  I get different colors and sizes!  This year I even found truly COOL glow balls!  They were inflatable and changed colors (one changed when hit!).  Next year I will bring a few more of these as they were a BIG hit!!!

They kids LOVE this night and it is fun for the adults too.  We sit on the upper deck with a glass of wine in hand chucking activated glow sticks into the pool from way above.  It seems to be raining fluorescent rain as far as the kids are concerned.  After, all the glowing loot is in the pool they dive and collect as many as they can then take turns tossing them in on their own.  Sometimes they even choose a color to be and try to see who can collect all of their color sticks first. This entire activity lasts for quite a while!

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