Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet Surprises

My return to Glen Ella Springs Inn with the family in tow was much anticipated. As we packed our bug catchers and goggles, books and games (due to no tvs in the rooms which the kids really found exciting - really they did). We hit the long country roads with 70's on 7 playing on XM radio. Picked up some Yummy BBQ on the way (separate post to come on that one). Arrived to hugs from the Glen Ella staff - I mean friends. Couldn't wait to share the pure simple quaintness of the inn with the hubby and kids. Upon arrival we were given one of my favorite decadent yet simple sweet pleasures - a platter of chocolate covered strawberries. Mmmm mmmmm mmmm.  Thank you Ed and Luci!

The skies were gray with rainstorms looming. Quick to unpack and grab our BBQ, change into bathing suits and get down to the pool before the skies opened up on us. Dinner was delish. The swim was great fun. The skies did open up and boy does rain sound sweet when hitting a tin roof especially while rocking in a rocking chair smelling the fresh rain. Put baby to bed early - she was pooped due to no nap. We played Charades (ours was the family edition from Hallmark) and Apples to Apples while admiring the individual gifts that each of our children possess (humor, intelligence, grace, talent, charm and did I mention humor!). After the games another sweet surprise - it had stopped raining. The kids went out to explore the property while we watched from rocking chairs on the deck and baby peacefully slept. The kids played by the creek, caught lightning bugs, spotted a deer and swung on a swing hanging in a tree. Sweet surprises are everywhere!

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