Thursday, July 14, 2011

getting there is half the fun - is it really?

As we sit in the car for our 9th hour on the first day of our two day road trip to NY. I have to pee. The un-napped baby is sitting in her own pee and the other three kids haven't spoken a word to us since South Carolina. We have the baby's pants from this afternoon's overloaded pee drenched diaper drying on the dash and hubby isn't in a game playing mood. I have been texting w/ two of my cousins who are on a mini-girls weekend to Colorado. As they sit in the Phoenix airport waiting for their 2nd plane to take off (after many many delays). They have been up since 4am. The novelty of travel seems to wear off while you are actually traveling. Yet for some reason a few years later when you look back on said journey you smile. Like the trip to NY a little over two years ago over spring break when we got stuck in the Atlanta airport ALL day. Never took off, ended up staying in a hotel with our three kids in our hometown, OH and did I mention I was pregnant. Now, as trying as that day was the kids remember going to the hotel gift shop to buy BIG Atlanta t-shirts to sleep in since our luggage somehow was lucky enough to have made it to NY without us. I remember teaching Aubrey who was then 7yrs old how to blow bubbles with her chewing gum. It was kind of a fun and adventurous day. Memorable if nothing else. So, now that we are at a DEAD stop yet again ONLY one hour from our hotel I should remind myself that someday we will look back and smile.

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