Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jewel Diving ~ ANOTHER Fun Summer Pool Game!

Over the Fourth of July weekend we went to my parent's house in Florida.  We had a great trip and I will blog all about it at some point.  But for today I wanted to share with you my husband's favorite part of the trip.  As we do at the end of many getaways we played the "what was your favorite part" game in the car ride home.  When we got to my hubby I thought he might say ~ fireworks, the new restaurant we tried, fishing with the kids or even one of our evening walks.  What he said was "Jewel Diving?!#$%".  I was shocked!

Before we left for our trip I purchased some fun plastic diamonds and gems from Amazon (just click the underlined links to purchase your own set!).  Put them in a little cute pouch and was sure the kids packed their goggles (which Chris ended up borrowing)!  We made up several games using our little treasures.  One favorite game was where I would throw enough gems in the pool to have one of each color for everyone to find.  So if you had found a blue one and then you found another blue you had to leave it down there. You hadn't won until you found your own personal rainbow below the water's surface.

Back to this being my husband favorite activity.  You see a few years ago he had Lasik and PRK eye surgery so for the first time in his life that summer he could SEE UNDERWATER!  A mini-miracle in his eyes!  Back to jewel diving ~ know maybe you can "see" why Chris found this game particularly appealing to him.  I will also tell you he didn't take it easy on the kids either.  He was in it to win it!  Get yourself some plastic jewels and get diving.

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