Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Our Fun Father's Day Surprise

For Father's Day I gave my man a gift that would keep on giving (get your mind out of the gutter). The gift of memories, good wholesome family memories. The kind that make the corners of your mouth curl up when you think of them. I wrapped several small presents in individual gift bags.  Each object gave a hint of where we were going the following weekend and what we might do while there. The kids were very into it - as it was a surprise for them as well. Everyone, even the baby got to open one of the five gift bag clues.
Inside the bags I wrapped -
  • Goggles (because there is a pool)
    • Firefly Necklaces - Plastic light bulb shaped necklaces in which you put lightning bugs (got mine at Tuesday Morning)
    • Marshmallows, graham crackers & chocolate (because you guessed it we were going to make s'mores)
    • A picture of a waterfall (specifically the one we would be seeing - Minnehaha Falls)
    • And the final bag held a little toy bed and a bag of mini-muffins (this bag took a little bit for them to figure out, can you guess it? Bed and Breakfast, cute huh?)

    Then I blurted out the fun secret that we were going to Glen Ella Springs Inn in Clarkesville, Georgia the very next weekend.  I am so BAD at keeping surprises (mind you this all took place the Thursday before Father's Day).  As soon as I had everything wrapped I was so stinkin' excited I couldn't wait to share it with them.  i know what a baby.

    Print out those packing lists - we are getting away!

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    PatsyPie® said...

    Hi, Kara. we're glad you like our photo of the PatsyPie® Morning Glory with Flax Mini Muffin, featured in your blog posting. You should also know the mini muffin you've featured is gluten-free and dairy-free, and available from our online bakery at

    kara said...

    Patsypie - It really does look yummy!