Tuesday, August 09, 2011

FestiGals - A Girls Weekend in New Orleans Not to be Missed!

Why settle for a Girl's Night Out, when you can have an Entire Weekend in New Orleans?
FestiGals® is a weekend festival dedicated to celebrating women, fashion, food, friendship and fun! FestiGals® is the original girlfriend getaway for women to recharge and reconnect with a relaxing, festive and authentic New Orleans experience. Whether you’re in the mood to shop, eat, drink, explore local culture and history or just relax and be pampered, FestiGals® has you covered.

Gather your friends, sisters, mothers and daughters and head south to the Big Easy for the time of your life with those who matter most and have been with you through it all - weddings, divorces, graduations and retirements. Your group will enjoy a variety of events and activities aimed to pamper and please, or build your own custom weekend around our FestiGals® Events and Escapades.

Festival Details
When: Friday, October 7 - Sunday, October 9
Where: Hotel Monteleone - FestiGals' Headquarters
Who: Women everywhere of all ages
Participation fee: $225 for FestiGals' Ultimate Package (individual events priced separately), and $159 per night at the Hotel Monteleone

FestiGals Mission
FestiGals is committed to providing a fun, safe and enriching weekend for women to relax, enjoy special events, and explore New Orleans' rich and diverse cultural heritage. A festival created by women for women, FestiGals is dedicated to contributing to Women for Women International and Dress for Success, which empower women by giving them a hand-up, not a hand out. 

I am thinking with my 40th bday celebrations in October I will unfortunately be missing this but NEXT YEAR NOLA BABY!


jamiewhitewyatt said...

Saw your blog on Goats on the Roof's facebook page, and love it! I'm in Fayette County, with a second home in Rabun, and I grew up in Fernandina, so we have a lot in common. We've both blogged about a lot of the same destinations!
Check out my most recent Rabun Ramblings on www.dancingonthejourney.blogspot.com (If you're interested, look through my archives. I need to know where you got your nice list of entries by subject matter! There's a Friends post from last September's Girls' weekend, about my 55+ years of friendship with childhood friends. Loved your lake trip with church friends. What church? Obviously not Baptist, as I am, with the wine! LOL) Jamie

kara said...

Jamie - so excited about our common threads in our blogs! Will start following you too!!! No not baptist ~ catholic and thus all the wine! The list is just a feature I selected thru blogger program. Everytime I post I need to identify or label my posts and it just sets it up that neat. I am glad you commented on it because I have looked at other blogs that look so cute in the organization of their archives but I do feel this set up is easy to navigate thru. Happy Travels and Happy Blogging!