Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Sweet Homewood Suites

Our three week getaway (can you call it that when it is three weeks long??) began with a LONG drive from Georgia to Hagerstown, MD (our overnight stop before continuing to New York).  We had all we needed for a successful drive ~ car games, books/kindles, snacks, drinks, blankies, pillows, binkies (for the baby not me) and positive attitudes.  Well, most of us had positive attitudes ~ a 20 month old just can't grasp that there is any reason to be strapped down for 15 plus hours!  She had peed out of her diaper and hadn't napped so a stop for an overnight break was MANDATORY! 
Drying Pee Pee Pants on the Dash!
We are not a small family.  Trying to find a hotel that had what we needed wasn't easy.  We actually had booked our stay by phone the night before we left.  Two connecting rooms is our minimum requirement at this stage of the game BUT a one bedroom suite that has a door to close off the bedroom would do.  We just need a DOOR that we can CLOSE so that we can put Pookie to bed without having to all go to bed ourselves.  After calling SEVERAL hotels and being told that even the one bedroom suites in many didn't have doors separating the living space from the sleeping space.  We found exactly what we needed for a great price!!  A two bedroom suite with a separate living room and kitchen ALL with doors that close!
Homewood Suites bound!  Our stop couldn't have come at a better time that poor baby was just shouting out at random intervals to let us know she was NOT happy!  She also had a GIANT POOP by now that I changed in the parking lot of the hotel before even going in.  Just because it was that bad.  We got right into our room and even had a porta-crib set up waiting for a much needed sleep for baby girl.  But first we needed to run these kids ragged and enjoy the perks the hotel had to offer in a condensed time frame.  Super condensed ~ we arrived at about 8pm and we wanted to swim, play, change, eat dinner, watch TV all before it was actually time for sleep.  Speed changed into our bathing suits. Chris took all the kids straight to the indoor pool while I stayed back ordered dinner (PS - had we gotten to the hotel a tad bit earlier we would have enjoyed the free dinner they provide for guests Monday through Thursday nights) and set up sleeping arrangements, put out PJ's etc.  Then I headed to the pool to see a very happy group splashing and playing in the indoor pool. 

I wish there was enough time for Chris to jump in the hot tub I KNOW his back could have used to it after driving so many hours.  But the kids wanted to hit the outdoor adjustable height basketball half court for a little game of B-ball.  There is even a little putting green. 

After literally letting the kids run amok for about two hours, we were tired, clean and fed and SUPER ready for bed!  We had a room with two queens for the big kids, a king bedroom for us and the living room area for Avalynn's porta crib.  
Living Room/ Baby's Room

King Bedroom (each with their own bath)

2 Queens Bedroom (each with their own bath)
One of the two identical bathrooms

kitchen complete with FULL fridge for keeping our cooler stuff cold!
In addition to the FREE Welcome Home® reception featuring a complimentary light meal and beverages served Monday through Thursday evenings, Homewood Suites provides a complimentary Suite Start™ Full HOT breakfast every morning! 
Dining Room

WHY BLOG so much about a random one night stay in Hagerstown, MD because it was JUST what we needed!  Sometimes all you need to keep on keeping on is a break and that is exactly what we got at our Home Sweet Homewood Suites Stay!

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