Thursday, September 08, 2011

Get Real ~ Durango, Colorado - guest post by my cousin Jaime

What a fun and fabulous last minute trip!  My sister had some business to do for her amazing fall handbag  collection Jennifer Haley Handbags in Colorado so my Mom and I decided to pack up and go with her for a GREAT girls weekend!  So, off we went from sunny south Florida to breathtaking Durango, Colorado.  I have to say just getting to Durango was an adventure itself.  We had planned on an hour layover in Arizona but we ended up being stuck with mechanical issues for over 8 hours.  So, we made the best of it but still it was a LONG wait. 
Jaime (middle), sis Jennifer and Mom Terri VERY happy to finally be boarding
(all carrying their fabulous Jennifer Haley Stroll Jumbo Fringe Handbags in Navy, Mustard & Olive) 
Once we got there it was all worth the long wait.  Just driving from the airport which is a short 20 minute drive to town was just pretty in of itself seeing the farms and mountains surrounding everything.  Durango is so charming with amazing little shops and restaurants.  Our first night we ate dinner at a delicious steak house called the Ore House and our meal was perfect.  It is a very popular place that has been there forever (1972) and very charming with stone walls, wood bar and fireplace.  Voted #1 steakhouse by locals and tourists alike year after year.
For breakfast we ate a delicious place called The Brick House Cafe.  It has a huge iron rooster outside and it is an old home that has been turned into an adorable place to eat breakfast or lunch.  We liked it so much that we went 2 mornings as an added bonus on Sunday they have live music which was nice surprise as we ate and enjoyed our lattes!  I had malted pancakes which I had never had before and they were yummy... 
Our last night we ate at another restaurant that I would highly recommend it is called Ken and Sue's.  We sat at a great window table which was great because it is right on main street so we saw all of the action of the people walking around.  The food was fabulous and the drinks were too!  I had an Arnold Palmertini which was a first and it was great!  
One of the days we drove to Silverton which is an old coal mining town.  The drive is a MUST!  You drive all around the mountains and it is BREATHTAKING, seriously!!!  Along the way they have some premium photo opportunities.  I truly felt like I was in the movie Sound Of Music (my favorite movie by the way).  People call it the Million Dollar Highway and now I know why.   
Once you get to the town of Silverton (also known as the heart of the high country) it is really small and you feel like you are on a movie set.  We had lunch in a Hot Pink restaurant call Thee Pitts which was on the Food Network for the best ribs!!!  I personally don't eat ribs but my mom and sister did and they LOVED them.  Truthfully what we took with us was something we wish we hadn't even tried ~ Fried Pickles because we LOVED them and didn't leave a morsel behind....  YUM YUM YUM.  That is something I never in a million years would have thought would be good but trust us, they are.   
Jenn eating her Thee Pitts ribs!  Finger Lickin' Good!
We did the drive but what most people do is the Durango & Silverton Historic Steam Railroad which is very historical and we were told the sights are even better then the drive but it was totally sold out.  So, if you find yourself heading to Durango one day you may want to book your train ticket prior to going.  They even offer an option of taking the train to Silverton and then they bus you back which is very popular because the drive is quicker then doing the train all over again.
On our final full day we did white water rafting in Durango.  If you know the three of us we are not adventurous ladies, but we had decided we are in Colorado that we needed to do something adventurous.  Off we went, nervous and all.  Luckily, we met a women who was doing it alone with us.  She was so warm, sweet and friendly.  She did a great job of calming us down.  She had done it once before, so we all became little buddies.  Once our instructor came we got on a bus from the 1970's and off we went higher up the river.  Well, once we got into the raft we were nervous but yet we realized that it was not scary the entire time and it was just beautiful taking in the views.  If you know anything about rafting that day the river was a class 3 out of 5 so yes there really was some rough spots but yes it was manageable and we would all do it again!  (SO VERY PROUD OF YOU, JEN & AUNT TERRI FOR BEING BRAVE AND GETTING ADVENTUROUS! ~ kara) 

If you are thinking about going to Colorado I would highly recommend the town of Durango.  I will go back!!! (TAKE ME WITH YOU WHEN YOU DO, JAIME ~ kara)
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