Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Creative Christmas Kits ~ for families far away!

With ALL my nieces and nephews living in other states I have always tried to be thoughtful and creative in our Christmas gifts to them.  Over the years I have made an effort to try to make it an exciting time when our present arrived on their front step.  Here are just a few of the Christmas kits and gift ideas we have sent up north -

Last year we did a Family Favorite Things Box (just like Oprah).  Each member of our family ALL SIX of us chose a few of our favorite things to place in the box and added a little story attached as to why we included these items.
  • My husband put a mini putting green in for his favorite thing of golf!
  • We put in a bag of blueberry mini-muffins to represent the babies favorite snack at the time -Blueberries!
  • My middle daughter put in a chess set since she was involved in Chess club at school.
  • I had put SPOT IT by Blue Orange in as my new favorite game among other things
Spot It

  • My oldest is an avid reader.  Last year her favorite books were Warrior Books. So she included a copy of one the Warrior books she had already read.

Warriors Books by Erin Hunter click here to view the many titles
  • My son included LEGOS as one of his favorite items.  I was so excited to find these cute little Christmas Lego kits!

Snowman Lego Kit 

Christmas Tree Lego Kit
You get the idea - we also placed a loaf of our families favorite Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. in the box.  Our family's favorite movie at the time (BIG) and so much more.  It was a fun way to share a bit of ourselves over the miles.

Another year we did a Christmas Light Viewing Car Kit - which consisted of Hot Chocolate, travel coffee cups (lg ones for the adults & smaller one for the kids), marshmallows, a Christmas CD made by me, a handmade cozy Christmas fleece lap blanket made by my mother (I chose all the material the year before when it was on sale), Special Christmas Light Viewing Glasses, Christmas cookies and so much more!
Christmas Light Viewing Glasses

One of my favorite years was the Christmas Camping Kit.  I had found great tents at Target on SALE.  From there the idea was born.  In the Christmas camping kit they got a tent, flashlights, hot chocolate, a Duraflame log with Christmas matches, Christmas Pillow Cases (that my mom made from material I got on sale ~ crafty little booger she is), Christmas DVD and CDs, special Christmas stories with each kids name in it.  I know there was more but this one was several years ago.  The premise was that they would get an instruction sheet similar to the Christmas Light Viewing Car Kit sheet instructing them to pitch tent in living room, make fire in fireplace, make hot cocoa, change pillow cases, get into cozy pj's, put on CD, read the stories, etc.
not really the tents I found nor my family (but cute picture right?)
thanks intentionallykatie.blogspot.com
This year I am thinking something snow related???  The possibilities are endless!  Get creative ~ Get inspired ~ Have Fun!!!

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kara said...

A great idea for a Bday Party - My friend Shannon is renting a van for a night and driving her daughter and all her little friends around to see the Christmas lights! She had travel mugs made for all the girls and bought the Light Viewing glasses featured on my post! COOOOOLEST MOM IN TOWN Shannon!