Monday, November 07, 2011

Fabulous Forty for Us ~ Good Times Good Times Pt2

Sunrise aboard The Lady Jane
Sunday morning we woke to yet another glorious sunrise just beginning.  We got dressed quick grabbed our market basket filled with granola bars/cliff bars and apples along with our cups o' joe to-go and headed out at 7am.  Why so early?  Because that is when the fishing is good, right?  Across the causeway we drove then headed south to The Lady Jane dock which is hidden right behind Spanky's
Captain Larry Credle and his crew were ready and waiting for us.  On most trips out of town the boys would normally golf but since this was a "couples" getaway AND we had one very avid fisherman in our group we decided to try our hand at fishing.  I knew with the ladies on the boat not just any regular charter would do.  We needed one with bathrooms (and fresh boiled shrimp)!  I had been on The Lady Jane Shrimping Cruise twice before with various Girls Weekends I had done on St Simons and knew Captain Larry would take good care of us.  He does rent the boat out for private fishing charters in addition to his shrimp cruises.  Calm waters and sunny skies met us.  The unique thing about fishin' aboard a shrimpin' vessel is that you troll the waters in search for fish with shrimp as bait taken straight out of the nets!
Fresh Shrimp for Bait!
On our way out to our first fishing destination we dropped the shrimp nets to troll for bait.  Each time we are instructed to clear the deck, it is as exciting as the first time.  The sound of the motors and the grinding of the gears builds the anticipation of what might be in those nets.

No sharks (will blog about that another time) this time but lots of fun and educational stuff WAS in our haul.  (PS- what we caught in those nets was the ONLY thing we caught ALL day!)   Another nice feature on aboard The Lady Jane is they have a Marine Biologist on staff to tell you about the sea life and answer questions.  Here are some shots of what we brought in.

This little crab has quite a fish tale to tell
("one day I caught a HUGE fish and a  BIG shrimp at the same time!")
I love his little face!

As I said we caught nothing (which meant a food store stop was in our future for dinner supplies)!  We did have lots of laughs, great scenery, cold beer and warm YUMMY FRESH boiled shrimp and LOTS of it!



Just another example of my amazing camera



Upon return to Villa de Suenos - some hung by the pool.  Some went to a sports bar to watch football.  Some went for a run.  Some napped.  I was one of the pool hanger outers.  Had fun trying to capture some good LOUNGE DIVING shots.

First up CAN OPENER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attempt number ONE at a Lounge Dive

The Final Shot - Great Lounge Dive Jeff!  Anyone got a lime?

As a surprise for one of the couple's on the trip celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary we had a little mock wedding ceremony!  I had brought all kinds of wedding props with us and even printed out the renewal of vows for Chris (my hubby, the officiant) to read.  The blushing bride donned her Bridal Baseball Cap and Just Married flip flops.    I handed her bouquet as her husband put on his sweet Groom Baseball Cap and Groom Flips.

The "flower girls" and "flower boys" had champagne bottle bubbles in hand.  The officiant did a fabulous job BUTT the "father of the bride" should have worn a belt.

The ceremony was filled with laughter and tears. And the groom never even had to put his beverage down.
I LOVE the "flower girls" on the hot tub blowing bubbles!
We were laughing so hard (except the two in deep conversation at the corner of the hot tub.)
Wonder what they were scheming?
 The HAPPY Couple!

As the ceremony wrapped up and the afternoon drew to a close the gross reality that our visit to paradise was quickly coming to an end hit me. WAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We grilled out that night hamburgers and hot dogs (was supposed to be our catch of the day).  Oh Well?  The sides were all prepared in advance by our chefs from the day before.  Our last night was FILLED with games and FRIVOLITY!  We laughed until our sides hurt.  I can't imagine that more fun has been had at the Villa then we had that weekend.  If my forties are any indication of what that magical pee in your pants laughing weekend was then I WELCOME them with OPEN ARMS!  Here's to us and Here's to FORTY!  Cheers my friends!

One more quick note - hit a great place for breakfast on the way out on Monday morning 
The Sandcastle Cafe and Grill - Check out their great reviews on YELP*
The Sandcastle serves a great "Breakfast Buffet" every day from 7am to 2:30pm every day. This buffet includes grits, homemade biscuits and muffins, three kinds of sausage, bacon, corn beef hash, hash browns, fresh fruits and your choice of coffee or tea. They will also cook you eggs to order but no omelets.  You also have you choice of unlimited pancakes, French toast and waffles all for under $9.00.  What a deal!!! 


kfischer said...

I love, love, love you!!! What an amazing weekend (with bonus wedding) are just amazing!! xoxo

kara said...

Wedding was such fun! Hope your honeymoon has been great!