Monday, November 21, 2011

Girls Getaway Book Ideas

For my larger Girls Getaway Weekends (church, friends, family) I usually do some sort "book" to go with the Welcome Bag. It is fun for the ladies to receive some light reading material. It is even more fun that the book shares something about the great women with whom they are experiencing their weekend. Whatever the topic for that year's book I have the ladies all email me their entry. I then compile and print them to distribute with the Welcome Bags. A few of the topics the books have covered over the years -

20 Question book - (see Secret Girlfriend Game post)
SAMPLE 20 Questions Page (just happens to be mine)

Joke book - the ladies sent me their favorite joke

Favorite Prayer/Quote book - the ladies sent me their favorite prayer, saying or quote

Cookbook - this is a favorite of mine because this is the gift that keeps on giving. My girlfriends came up with this idea but I am stealing it for my Family Girls Getaway. I am super excited about this book because it will become an heirloom in itself for it will contain many special FAMILY recipes from MULTIPLE generations. (cover to come)

Favorite Day book - the girls got to daydream a bit. They all "made up" their ALL TIME make believe favorite day. They could be as far fetched and creative as they wanted. Too fun to pretend and then to go along with all the ladies on their fantasy days.

Sample page from our Favorite Day Book ~  names have been changed

Accomplishment book - this one was inspired by one of my heroes when she lost her hero. She made it her mission to do the things her husband loved or would have loved to do. So, I had the women send me TWO things they wanted to accomplish "someday" AND ONE thing they already HAD accomplished in their life that they were proud of.

Some examples from the above book (names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Embarrassing Moments book - pretty self explanatory and good fun reading. This one reminded us all of
how human we all are. No sample page here sorry!

The books are such a special take home piece of the weekend. I usually embellish them with fun graphics and pictures. If you come up with more fun book topics please share them in the comment section.
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kara said...

For a few trips we have collected recipes and made some AWESOME cookbooks - for the family GW this book has LITERALLY become a family heirloom!