Monday, November 21, 2011

Supply Lists and Meal Sign Ups

I am all about getting things done ahead of time. To me there would be nothing worse than getting to the beach and having to go to a crappy food store to buy TP and PT. Or to have big irritating discussions about who wants to cook tonight especially because I AM on a vacation! The whole point of getting away is to relax and not have to think about much. To help facilitate that I like to email Supply Lists and Meal Sign-Ups to my girls for girls getaways or our family when doing family vacays in advance. If you are renting a house with a group - meal teams is the finest way to handle meals. On the girls weekends, organizing the chicks into small groups then having them sign up to provide a meal for the entire group. The meal team for that specific meal - plans, shops or orders, cooks or has delivered the whole meal. They are also responsible for clean up. The best part is you really will only find yourself on meal/kitchen duty ONCE (depending on the length of your trip & number of teams). When we go away with other families we make each family a meal team. Another point to make is if we are at the beach or going on an outing like a pontoon boat ride for example at lunchtime I suggest to the lunch groups to make the lunches portable or "beach friendly". Here is a sample Meal Sign Up sheet from our family vacation to the Southern Outer Banks in North Carolina -

Supply Lists - back to my original BEEF about shopping for stuff to wipe our butts with while our butts are on vacation. I have a pretty standard Supply List. It really only varies if we are going to somewhere that has a fireplace then I add one bag of wood to everyone's list. Just divide the number of items needed by the number of people or families attending. I love what these lists do - 1) gives everyone attending "a responsibility" so no one person has to remember EVERYTHING and 2) things are handled in advance which just makes for more fun time! Here is a Sample Supply list -

This may all sound a little boring, mundane or no brainer-ish but these are TRIED & TRUE methods to a smoother/happier Getaway!
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