Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beach Circles - a happy place to be

As I sat in a small beach circle this Fourth of July holiday week with my girls, my mother and my grandmother I smile about how comfy, safe and happy I feel.  Feel deep in my heart, so deep that the contentment can be seen all over my relaxed and happy face.

What is a Beach Circle you ask?

You know when you are at the beach particularly with a bunch of girls you naturally sit in a big circle.  As more women join the circle - the circle grows bigger.  You just make room for the newcomers.  Everyone just shifts their chair a tad bit back and the circle grows. It is kind of like a little dance.  You don't even say, "hey, make more room".  You just all collectively and instinctively do it.
One of the things I love about a Beach Circle other than that it is on the beach (most of the time) is that wonderful things happen in those Circles.  So much sharing, so much laughing and even sometimes crying.  It is a safe place, a warm place literally. It gives me a sense of unity.  Being a part of something bigger than just me and my beach chair. 

Family Girls Weekend Beach Circle (Saint Simon's Island Oct 2011)
Quite often after a long day of sitting in a Beach Circle a handful of women feel inspired and free to perform for the others.  After feeling so comfortable together all day they are doing back flips, pyramids, cartwheels and party tricks in the sand.  They are so filled with joy it is busting right out of them in a very physical way.  All these circus acts usually leave the rest of the group and sometimes even some passers-by doubled over in laughter.

some of our circus performers
(funny thing is SAME beach different groups different years)

As the sun sets (my favorite time on the beach) everyone gathers their belongings and packs up their chairs.  As fast as the Beach Circle grew it is gone only leaving footprints in the sand and the faint echo of laughter in the air.

Sometimes your Beach Circle isn't even at the beach
(this one is in the shape of a heart - taken Teacher GW North Augusta, SC 2013)

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