Monday, July 15, 2013

One Girls Weekend in Two States - North Augusta, SC & Augusta, GA

What is better than going on a Girls Weekend in ONE state?  Going on a Girls Weekend in TWO!

The Lookaway Inn
This past March we went on our Teacher Girls Getaway Weekend.  We stayed in North Augusta, South Carolina and we PARTIED in Augusta, Georgia.  The two cities are literally connected by a bridge.  You hardly realize you have left one city and entered the other.

We stayed at The Lookaway Inn, a LOVELY bed and breakfast that fit our needs to a T!  We had the WHOLE inn to ourselves.  One of the things that I think is of paramount importance on a girls trip. Sometimes you can't make this happen but if your numbers fit and you can swing a place all to yourselves be it a B&B, a beachfront cottage, a small intimate boutique hotel or a cabin in the woods ~ BOOK IT!  When you have the privacy of your "own" space the women around you feel comfortable to be themselves or sometimes MORE!

Anyway, we began our weekend with a wonderful and relaxing private narrated boat tour of the Augusta Canal.  I HIGHLY recommend this activity if in Augusta.  Which began at the Enterprise Mill that houses a great little museum and fabulous gift shop.  Got myself some doorknob wind chimes!  Bagged lunch from Fat Man's Mill Cafe' (right in the parking lot of the Enterprise Mill) and drinks in hand we boarded our Petersburg boat with our handsome captain and fair tour guide awaiting our arrival.  Soft music playing and sun shining bright we knew we were in for a treat!

At our halfway point we surprised the girls with a cleansing activity.  Even though these weekends are jammed packed with laughter and FUN, we usually try to incorporate some type of healing or growing activity! Each of the women received a nice size stone and a Sharpee marker.  We were instructed to write something on the stone that we wanted to "let go of".  A fear, a worry, a stress, a guilt, anything that might have been weighing us down.  We then all chucked our "burdens" overboard.  As we turned the boat around we could watch our worries and strife turn into tiny ripples which grew smaller and smaller until they were virtually gone.  Hopefully, along with those stones were the things that weighed heavy on our hearts!

A few of us even got the opportunity to drive the Petersburg Boat!  Some of us a little more risky than others.

Next up - CHECK IN!  The Lookaway Inn can be found just across the bridge from Augusta, Georgia which spans the Savannah River.  After being greeted by SUPER Friendly Sammy and SUPER Sweet Jai we were shown to our lovely rooms.  We used the courtyard as our gathering place.  It became almost like our own private outdoor living room.  Complete with an amazing blooming camellia tree as our centerpiece.  This is where we laughed, played games, danced and shared stories LONG into the night.

After getting settled we headed to Old McDonald Fish Camp for dinner.  Being a Friday during lent the fish camp was the perfect choice for this group of Catholic preschool teachers.  After a short wait during which we were entertained by petting the farm animals, watching the ducks and geese in the ponds and admiring the local hairstyles (my girlfriend from SC says, "the higher the hair, the closer to God" ~ these ladies must have been real close to the BIG guy!).  This fish camp features an All You Care to Eat Hushpuppies and Grits bar!  YUMMO!

Back to The Lookaway with VERY full bellies and cheeks that hurt from laughter.  We played LCR - Left, Right, Center a weekend favorite dice game!  When we play we like to use dollar bills instead of chips.  One dollar bill takes the place of each chip.  For only a $3 buy in, one of our ladies could be so much richer by the end of the game! ($3 x 20 = $60! or MORE depending on how many ladies you have!)

The next day brings much excitement as we paint our nails green, spray our hair green, apply little leprechaun tattoos and green mustaches.  With all donning our matching SHAMROCK tie-dyed t-shirts (thanks to Jill!) we board our very own trolley!  Our private trolley chartered through South Star Trolley is taking us to Downtown Augusta for the Saint Patrick's Day Parade!   What fun we had.  Even the fountains downtown are GREEN.   After screaming for beads and laughing even more we head to the Augusta Common for a St. Patrick's Day festival complete with beer stands, food vendors and lots of LIVE music!  Our trolley awaits us and after a quick stop at a convenience store in our trolley for ICE.  We head back to The Lookaway.  Funny how no matter where our weekends are held whenever we return from an outing of FUN and FRIVOLITY where ever we are feels like home.

Me and our FABULOUS South Star Trolley drivers!
That afternoon after we got back from the parade we played a great round of HedBanz for Adults and a game of Curses!  Once again we laughed til our cheeks hurt or we wet our pants

Not wet pants from pee but still a really funny story!
Often on girls weekends, calls from home bring news ~ sometimes bad and sometimes good, this particular phone call received by one of our attendees brought GREAT news!  Her daughter got ENGAGED, what a magical moment for all of us to share with her.  As women who are married, as mothers of daughters, as just women, we shared in her excitement and tears of joy.  Love LOve LOVE the moments we share!

The evening brought a mixture of pizza ordering in the courtyard for some, dining at a unique bistro in Augusta for others but for my group we headed to the SNO CAP DRIVE IN for burgers and shakes.  The Sno Cap has been a North Augusta landmark since 1964.  While you can pull your car in and get good ole car hop service we chose to sit at the counter for the feel of an authentic diner experience.  That and we had walked from The Lookaway so no car to park.  After dinner back to our magical courtyard for more games and frivolity.

Sunday morning brought the end of our time at The Lookaway Inn.  After breakfast we had one last important thing to accomplish before packing up and heading to Mass.  You see, on this special weekend we played The Secret Girlfriend Game.  Throughout the weekend little gifts and sweet notes of encouragement were secretly left for you by your secret girlfriend and on the last day was the Big Reveal.  The Big Reveal is where each of us reveal to each other who we had by giving them something special, something bought or made just for them.  This is one of my FAVORITE Girls Weekend activities.  So many sweet blessings come from giving (especially when comes from the heart).  It gets everyone involved and who doesn't like getting little surprises?  

Mass was at the most beautiful church in Augusta.  The Church of the Most Holy Trinity the oldest Catholic Church building in the state of Georgia on Saint Patrick's Day - what could be better?  We were greeted by one of the ushers who promptly brought us brochures explaining much of the church's magnificent interior.
Mass began with an incredible Gregorian Chant that practically carried you through the air.  I found this mass so meaningful.  To be there surrounded by women with so much love in their hearts.  Hugs, kisses, goodbyes on the front steps of the church.  Leaving each other knowing we are all headed home better women for just being together.  
Isn't that the point ~ just being together?

Notice the CLOSED on SUNDAY ~ funny right?

Bye, until next year!


From the Heart of a Birthmother said...

Great blog Kara! It looked like so much fun! I was the daughter who got engaged!! Yay! Thanks for mentioning it!

kara said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On that day you had 20+ moms cheering for you! Enjoy your fabulous life together. Can't wait to see wedding pics!