Thursday, July 18, 2013

TENNESSEE - doin' it the Dolly way

TENNESSEE ----  (I always think of the Arrested Development song - from the band not the show) when I say Tennessee. 

This song has nothing to do with our Family Girls Trip coming up this October other than I might put it on the CD?

Thought I would share some details of this AMAZING upcoming trip in advance cause I just can't wait!!!!!

We are staying at MOOSE HOLLOW LODGE in Sevierville - all 45 of us!  Yes I said 45 (all under one roof)!  

We opted for the Daily Cleaning option.  For $150 a night I believe. This fee includes cleaning the kitchen, cleaning bathrooms, changing bathroom linen, and making beds. Because let's face it we Getaway to getaway from things like that!

We also have hired a private caterer to meet all our eating needs.  Another thing women want to avoid when on a Girls Trip - cooking!  I have been working closely with Fruitful Vintage Personal Chef Services a husband and wife team who have been most pleasant to work with.  They have set a very honest budget for our weekend to include everything from 3 course dinners to a grab-n-go type breakfast for our group on Sunday morning.  (cause we're headin' to Dollywood!).

Our first night at the Lodge we will have dinner prepared by Chef Ray then head to the on site conference center for some boot kickin' fun!  We have hired a line dancing instructor from 3D Studio of Dance & Fitness to teach us the moves. Following our lessons we have a DJ coming also acquired through 3D Studio so we can try out some our new moves!

Do you think we will look like this?

Or more like this???

On the second day the ladies are open to do whatever they wish.  Hang in one of the two hot tubs on the deck, swim in the private indoor fireside pool, scrabble, walking, visiting Gatlinburg or whatever their hearts desire.

Saturday evening LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!!!!!!!!  
We will have a Moonshine Tastin'!
A Country Chic Gift Swap!
Karaoke Night - 

Sunday we will go to DOLLYWOOD in Pigeon Forge for a day of good ole country fun...  Loving this because whether the ladies are daredevils or craft collectors there is something for EVERYONE!  We will be there during their Harvest Celebration should it should prove to be extra special.

We will finish our weekend off on Sunday night with a viewing of 9 to 5 in our very own private movie theater!

October can't some fast enough!  T-E-N-N-E-S-S-E-E


Joanne said...

Can't wait to see all the girls and our trip to Tennessee! The Dolly Parton dress up night is guaranteed to be a riot, as Dolly herself says "it cost a lot of money to look this cheap". Looking forward to another wonderful weekend adventure spent with friends !!!
Kara you are the BEST!

Joanne said...
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kara said...

Joanne - If what the girls did for Superbowl is any indication of what they will look like for Dolly night - OH MY!