Friday, August 16, 2013

SkyView Atlanta and More ~ Want Someone to Come Visit Us - so we can go downtown Atlanta

to check out some of the NEW or IMPROVED sites.....
I know it seems hokey but kinda want to ride the new SKYVIEW ATLANTA.  Recently completed last month sitting 20 stories high with 42 gondolas (that can accommodate up to 6 people each) right next to Centennial Olympic Park.  I love carnival type stuff and I love sightseeing - this seems to package the two very nicely.
The SkyView Ferris wheel was initially in Paris right across the street from the Louvre Museum.  It was also in Switzerland for a little while, and then it was in Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola was always a temporary destination. They moved from there to here because they decided Centennial Olympic Park was the perfect place for this attraction. - according to Jason Evans an Atlanta SkyView spokesman.
While downtown I would of course try to catch the Fountain Show at Centennial Olympic Park. There are four shows a day check out the website to see what time works for your schedule.  Search out our BRICK (maybe this time remember paper and crayons so the kids can make a rubbing of it).  Grab lunch at Googie Burger right there in the middle of the park.  They have a burger here that has a hot dog on top of it!  No need to choose burger or dog/ burger or dog, why not have BOTH?  Yummy fries and delicious shakes both for kids AND adults.  Yup, they have adult milkshakes complete with a bit o' booze in them.  Delectable flavors like - Twinkie (vanilla vodka and crème de banana) and the Red Devil (vanilla vodka, creme de cocoa, maraschino cherry juice).    Make your day at the park feel like an instant vacation.
Next up would be to visit the newly remodeled Sundial Restaurant, Bar & View at the top Westin Peachtree Plaza.  It had been closed ALL summer long for these renovations.  I would love to see this cool space brought up to today's style.  Have a drink at The Bar on 73, the rotating bar on top of the tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere!  Don't forget your pennies and a little note pad/pen.  We like to leave a little gift at one location on the railing then when you have made the complete 360 degree rotation you can see if anybody else played along.  Either adding a penny or writing a little note back.  A complete rotation takes 35 minutes, the perfect amount of time to order a drink and a bite to eat.  As they now have a bar menu available or if you prefer for more of a sit down meal experience you can always make a reservation at The Sundial Restaurant itself.


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