Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Parade BINGO - 2014

  Several years ago, (2011 I think) I made some awesome customized BINGO boards to go with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  Well did you know that every year that the parade line-up changes?  So here they are, hot off the presses - BINGO boards for the Macy's 2014 Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Print your boards* (I like mine printed on card stock) and grab the fam - sit down at 9am on Thursday, November 27th and enjoy the show while making it a bit competitive.  You can use fun fall stickers, candy corns or even pennies as your markers (just plain pens & pencils work too).  Maybe even get a few prizes - like those yummy chocolate turkeys?  You can even have a booby prize for the "not winner" - maybe helping to do the dishes after dinner.  Or everyone can throw a dollar in the pot and whoever yells B-I-N-G-O first wins the moolah!

A few rules - the MOST IMPORTANT rule is to have fun!!!!

The second MOST IMPORTANT rule is the introduction to the parade where they show you ABSOLUTELY everything that you will see in next 3 hours including a glimpse of the Big Guy in the RED suit himself - DOES NOT COUNT!!!!  You only get to count your spots as you see them real-time NOT IN THE INTRO!

CALL OUT your spaces as you fill them - so when you see the Pikachu Balloon on TV YELL out PIKACHU and then give yourself the space.  First player to get FIVE in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally (pretty sneaky sis) wins!

Don't forget to give yourself the FREE Space = FREE TURKEY POOP

*To print boards right click on each board and then OPEN LINK IN NEW WINDOW and print away!
These are boards are super portable you can print ahead of time and bring to Grandma's house!

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