Monday, January 19, 2015

Tybee Teacher Time - Teacher Girls Weekend Getaway 2014

As I prepare for our Teacher Girls Getaway 2015 in Madison, Georgia, I think back to our past shenanigans= Deception or tomfoolery on the part of carnival stand operators. (you're welcome Cotta)  It dawned on me I never posted about our trip last year.  Believe me I know there are like 100 trips I have yet to post about.  It is tricky to find the time to write.  I truly think next year is gonna be my "breakthrough banner year" where I write all the time (with our youngest finally going to kindergarten - YEAH!).

Anyway I think for this post about this specific trip I am going to let the pictures speak volumes for me AND just put some suggested links at the bottom of the post to a few great places to hit when on Tybee!  Pour yourself a margarita, turn up your heat, put on some Buffett or Bob Marley, maybe grab your favorite sunhat and enjoy!

Welcome Bag - no GW is complete without one

Charades, Left Center Right, Beach Gift Swap 

"I am sorry I still don't get it - what the h--- are you doing?"

Beach Gift Swap

fun little flasks available thru link- Amazon

Everything but the kitchen sink is in there

 North Beach Grill

A Nickel Bag if FUnk - totally entertaining! Made our night!

BYE GIRLS til Next Time!

Tybee Island, GA -
Visit Tybee -
Serenity (the awesome rental house - I have personally stayed here 3x) -
Tybee Island Social Club (AMAZING drinks! Cool brunch spot) -
North Beach Grill (incredible island food with a true island feel right near the lighthouse) -
Tybee Marine Science Center Coastal Georgia Gallery -
Tybee Lighthouse -
Massage on Tybee Edie Mercado, LMT (WE LOVED EDIE!  She was the best!) -
Lighthouse Pizza -


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I love, love ,love this group of WOMEN!!!

kara said...

ME TOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!