Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Adventure Begins at the Airport

On a recent QUICK - literally 24hr visit to South Florida to speak at my cousin Jen's Jennifer Haley Handbag's Sip Shake Shop Support Repeat event - which was AMAZING!!!  Anyway, in the Fort Lauderdale Airport waiting for my delayed flight I noticed two women sitting across from me.  It was hard not to notice them because they were so giddy - I mean REAL happy even though they had been traveling ALL day AND were hours from their final destination of New York City.  A few delayed flights, a few cancelled flights - now missing their second row audience seats for the taping of the Seth Meyers show as we spoke.  They were still smiling.  Why?

Cause they were on a Girls Trip!  Girls Weekends are incredible - that's why! (you know leave the husbands and all your responsibilities behind and get some good old fashion healing Girl Time) Still two hours from taking off they were hopeful and TOGETHER - that's the important part. In the short time I sat across from them they finished a movie they had started earlier in the day, they laughed, they cheered on a delayed passenger who was running to catch his flight to Cleveland - "RUN CHUCK RUN!!!" and laughed some more. They chatted about their plans for the rest of the night once they finally arrived. Since they missed the show taping their new plan was to get settled into their hotel then head to Serendipity 3 for a frozen hot chocolate - "the land of milk and honey" as one girl called it. They spoke about visiting the MOMA and the MET.  Doing ALL the touristy stuff.  And how much they have been looking forward to THIS trip. The land of milk and honey girl had a trip at Christmas time but THIS trip to NYC was the one she was most looking forward to. (I can fully understand that sentiment).

Serendipity 3 Frozen Hot Chocolate
I said goodbye as our flight was finally ready to board (we were waiting on a flight attendant who had gotten a flat tire - no joke - get AAA honey!).  I was a bit jelly of them.  I mean they were just beginning their adventure and so much fun was ahead of them. Magical things happen on Girls Weekends as we all know.  So I know good things are headed their way. Hoping you made it to Serendipity girls and that it was as sweet as you were!

Or maybe they ended up in Vegas?
Which was their back up plan if their flight got changed again.

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