Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day Family Favorites Game

So we ALL know I L-O-V-E games AND I also L-O-V-E holidays!  Valentine's day is kind of a special one for Chris and I.  Our first "date" was a group date at my friends house back in 1988 where the girls cooked dinner for the boys.  I think the menu consisted of Chicken Parmesan and spaghetti.  We were in 11th grade.  The following year I made heart shaped hamburgers for him, set up a little card table near my parents fireplace and even placed our ketchup bottle in a champagne bucket to make it fancy.  Pretty sure we have kept V-day a special holiday throughout the years - almost positive one of our four kids was a result of a Valentine's Day evening many moons ago.

Last year's was a great one.  It was a super sweet romantic night (all 6/7 of us - we had Emily our fabulous family friend over ~ CAUSE WE LOVE HER).  Ordered HEART shaped pizza from zpizza.  Got some yummy heart shaped treats for dessert.

Played this great family game I came up with.  We had so much fun that quotes from that night are still used today.  So everyone fills out one of these forms below with their favorites.  These are then kept secret - SHHHHH!
*To print right click on image and then OPEN LINK IN NEW WINDOW- print & cut in half!
Then everyone gets a copy of the family favorite chart - and they are supposed to fill out as many favorites as they can guess correct for the rest of the members in their family.  This takes a little time and a bunch of thought.  How well do you REALLY know each other?  In our family one of our favorites from that night was when my brilliant husband put down CARROTS as his favorite fruit.  To this day when I am serving carrots the kids say "look dad your favorite fruit!".  Another item that brought much mayhem was when Chris (my brilliant husband) put down Summer as his favorite season and NO ONE else did.  He was genuinely insulted - how could none of us love the season where we get to spend the most time together he said which made us laugh harder.
*To print right click on image and then OPEN LINK IN NEW WINDOW and print one for each family member!  Write in all family member's names on top row.


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