Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sleepover Under the Stars - the perfect 13th birthday party for my little adventurer

So, it's seems fitting that I FINALLY get around to writing about Aubrey's 13th birthday since she will be 14 in a few short weeks.  I actually still want to write about her Beach Olympics Birthday Party when she turned 10 H-E-L-L-O!

Marshmallow & Hot Dog Roasting Sticks

Anyway, Aubrey is my adventure girl.  She loves to get lost outside, build stuff with things found in nature, get wet in the creek, catch creatures, you get the point.  For her birthday last year we had the MOST perfect party for her and ten of her BFFs.

Upon arrival everyone was given a MASON JAR (one of my favorite things!).

They used Sharpie Paint Markers to decorate their very own lightning bug jar.  I had poked holes in all the lids ahead of time.  The girls were so excited because not only did they get to use them that night but they brought them home as party favors!

Then after most of the girls had arrived and they were done decorating their mason jars the girls started by dressing up for a silly photo booth type photo minus the booth.

Followed by a little Slingshot SEED BOMBING... (you can get the bombs on Amazon

Then the girls divided into two teams and were off on a Nature Scavenger Hunt in the woods.

Followed by dinner - they cooked their own hot dogs over an open fire.  Also on the menu was watermelon and chips.  Pretty easy food preparation for me (smiley face).

No camp out would be complete without making smore's!  I like to make a smore's bar if you will. As far as marshmallows I am a purist. I like Jet-Puffed but could be persuaded to use the Jet-Puffed Stacker Mallows.  On the smore's bar I like to put several types of chocolate - milk, dark, white & cookies n cream. (sometimes I even do a spicy chocolate with chilies) I also do a few types of graham crackers like honey, cinnamon and chocolate grahams.  If I see a nice flat cookie that might work I will add those to the selection.  I have been known to use waffles and Girl Scout cookies in the past!

The girls sang fireside with guitars and ukuleles into the night!

Each of the girls got a cool LED glow bracelet which they used to designate which color team they were on for MANHUNT!

After an AWESOME game of Manhunt it was time for dessert!  I love a CANDY BAR!  Aubrey loves to BAKE so she made her own birthday cake.  Again easy food prep for me!(smiley face too)

Then after ALL THAT SUGAR it was time to get settled in for snoozing under the stars.  Before the girls arrived my husband and I cleared the deck of all the furniture and laid down a bunch of large throw rugs for the girls to set up their sleeping bags on.  I also decorated the deck railings with white lights and LED Light Up Balloons!  It looked so F-U-N out there!  I wanted to spend the night.

After much giggling and even a few screams.  They fell asleep around 1am (not too bad) for a bunch of TEENAGERS.  They woke up so happy.  I think there were several of them that had never slept outside let alone directly under the stars!  I think we should all do it at least once a summer.  I think it reminds us how beautiful this world is that God made is.  

After a full night of being kids!  Like in the "old days" - smore's, lightning big catching, manhunt, scavenger hunts, being outside ALL NIGHT!  They woke up and just wanted to play more.  It did my heart good to see all these beautiful girls smiling, laughing and enjoying each other's company.
Swinging away on a perfect morning while they waited for their moms to them pick up

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