Thursday, January 17, 2019


Needed the PERFECT location for my Mom in Laws 70th birthday.  There would be 19 of us total (three families and grandma & grandpa).  Ages ranging from five to 72 yrs old.  Another thing to put into the decision making was that we would be traveling from ALL over the east coast (fl, ga, ny and nj).  The trip was scheduled for the week between Christmas and New Years which you may know is a CRAZY busy travel time which makes it CRAZY expensive!

Sounds like Mission Impossible right?

Not for this internet hunting mama!  I LOVE a challenge!  One more thing to keep in mind when I was looking for this elusive location was the one of the families has older kids (college/high school) and they wanted a little bit of space/privacy for themselves.  Trickier- yes. Impossible- no.

After looking at the Keys, East Coast, Mexico, Caribbean, Gulf Coast of Florida - I thought I was losing hope.  We didn't want to do a cruise because we did that for my father in laws 70th.  I suddenly thought what about a dude ranch?   Started peeking around the mid-west then found my way down to the Lone Star State. (have to sidebar for a sec - my K key keeps sticking and the last sentence for a minute said peeing around the mid-west hahaha)   Anyway, Texas had some nice dude ranches but I was unsure I could sell this particular group on that type of vacation.  I stayed in TX and started looking at MacDaddy vacation rentals.

When you hear what I found you are going to say - "that place doesn't exist".  Oh. but it does....

  • enough bedrooms to sleep everyone (9 bedrooms all together)
  • an incredible infinity edge pool (& hot tub) with swim up bar that faces Lake Travis
  • outdoor fireplace and covered seating area
  • gym with plenty of weights and exercise equipment (used well by the athletes in the fam)
  • theater room which doubles as a Karaoke stage complete with microphones, instruments & drum set
  • playground  and playhouse with electricity!  (perfect for the little one) just steps away from the playhouse were the miniature horse and pony (real live horses!) - disclaimer...our stay was several years ago not sure the horses are still there 

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