Friday, February 01, 2019

Saint Simons Island - Back to Villa de Suenos but this time with the GIRLS!

Seven years ago we went to Saint Simons Island and stayed at an AWESOME mansion on the water - Villa de Suenos.  That was to celebrate our FORTIETH with a few other couples. That was SEVEN years ago (actually a little more than seven yrs ago).  I can remember at the time I would daydream about the house before we even went.  I would dream about the house literally in my dreams when we returned.    I also remember my boss saying "can we ever go there??"  She meant with my teacher friends.  We go on a trip every year.  Usually about 15 of us find somewhere special to be together and HAVE FUN!  I have written before about one of the magical things about a Girls Getaway trips is that since so many women are "pitching in" for the cost of a property be it a hotel, bed and breakfast or a rental property, you can get an amazing spot for really not that much per head.  Especially, if you are willing to visit in their off-peak season.  And so we are going to spend FOUR nights at a mansion at the beach in February!

Villa de Suenos here we come!

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AlisaJankovic said...

Girls are rocking!!

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