Monday, November 04, 2019

On becoming the Real Deal - You can book your Girls Getaway Weekends through me now!

Back in May I had a lovely lady from Philadelphia -hey terry!- contact me to help her plan her GOLDEN JUBILEE BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA (she was turning 50!).  At the time I had kid #2 graduating within days and we were leaving for Hawaii that week.  Oh and I also wasn't truly doing this yet as my business.  I told her I could help her find a great place to stay in Puerto Rico where she and her girls wanted to celebrate this milestone at no charge.  After peeking around many sites we found an amazing beachfront mini-mansion with a big beautiful pool!  It was perfect.  I was so excited for them I followed their paaaarrrrrtttttyyyy on instagram {yes I stalked them a little}.  It made me so happy to see these women I have never met truly enjoy every second of this incredible trip (and all I did was find the rental home for them).  Then after that a friend of mine who is in the Travel Biz -hey wendy!- recently asked me to layout a trip to Savannah for a group of ladies she was assisting.  I got so fired up about this Ultimate Savannah Girls Getaway I was mocking up for them, I knew it was time - My Time!  To offer my services for real to people who reach out to me looking for help in planning their Girls Getaway Weekends.  Through the years as you know I have planned many many trips - for many many women!  I think it will be 18 yrs this November since my first one I did for my girlfriends.  In all those years I have run approximately 40 trips for 100s if not 1,000 plus ladies.  My smallest trips being about 6 women and my largest being about 60!  Several yrs ago we were on a teacher trip to Hilton Head Island we were having a good ole time, a few ladies posting pictures here and there on social media.  When I realized there were tons of women responding "I need a trip like that!".   I used to think if I did this for a business (like my job) that I would lose many of the blessings that come my way during these trips.  But then I realized if I didn't do these trips for other people - if I kept them just to myself, my family, my friends, my church and co-workers then I was being selfish by not allowing other women to experience one of these incredible weekends that leaves them both refreshed and satisfied at the same time as wanting more!  Hopefully, then booking again for another year!  So, in the upcoming weeks you will be hearing more from me.  Including a new website (nothing to see here yet) featuring info on how to book your own one of a kind personalized to you and your squad weekends!  This blog will still exist not to fret... (hopefully I will get a chance to write in it more often!) and maybe I can even figure out how to link them??

Some more super exciting news is with this new endeavor I will have access to and will be researching just for you some new exciting locations and resorts!  I can't wait to share with you all some terrific spots that I will hand choose just for you and your tribe (maybe a squad isn't your thang).  So be thinking about who you have been missing??  Or even who you see but you just want more quality time with?  Maybe it's your sisters?  Or your sorority sisters?  Old college friends? Maybe you or a friend have a BIG b-day coming up you want to gather a group and celebrate?  Maybe you go on trips all the time with your gal pals but you are always the one planning them and you want to just come enjoy and let someone else do the legwork for you?  Maybe you have heard about our trips before but never had an opportunity to attend one - the timing just wasn't right?  There are SO many maybes...

I get so excited just thinking about all the possibilities,  I CAN NOT wait to work with you on your next GIRLS GETAWAY WEEKEND!

(peeps is peeps your thing?)

In the meantime be sure to follow my instagram account so many great memories from all our trips through the years - @girlsgetawayweekends

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