Monday, November 21, 2011

Secret Girlfriend Game

Several years ago we added a fun element to one of our Girlfriend Getaways - the Secret Girlfriend Game. We had one woman attending that had just battled breast cancer. It got me to thinking about how much we all care for each other and what would be a fun way to show it. My husband and kids helped me draw names to assign each woman a "Secret Girlfriend". For your SG you would give little gifts, notes, words of encouragement throughout the whole weekend. With the big reveal at lunch on the last day where you would give a special something you got for your special someone. Because not everyone knew each other I had sent a 20 question sheet via email. Each girl had their SG's 20? sheet as a guide to give a bit of insight into the heart of their Secret Girlfriend.

Here is the original email that I sent explaining the game to the girls-

A little addition to our weekend this year is going to be the "Secret Girlfriend Game! (SGG!)". 
This year I chose to make it a little easier on myself, so we are not having the raffle baskets (I know boo hoo) BUT to replace the fun, excitement and anticipation of winning.  We are going to have the fun, excitement and anticipation of giving (& receiving).  Below is your Secret Girlfriend's name and her 20 question sheet, so you can get to know her a little better. 
Our friend Dawn inspired me to do this game this year. In past year's Girls Weekends we were focused on taking care of ourselves, now is the time to concentrate a little on someone else (other than our kids, hubbys, bosses, etc).   I started thinking it is time to take care of each other. The "game" will consist of doing nice secret things throughout our weekend for your Secret Girlfriend (it may be noticing her wine glass is empty & filling it or giving her a compliment, etc.).  We are also going to purchase little gifts for our Secret Girlfriend (PRIOR TO OUR WEEKEND) and leave little surprises (notes, little presents, etc) for her throughout the weekend.  We will reveal our Secret Girlfriends on Sunday at our Farewell Picnic Lunch with a special something you have picked out specifically for your SG.  Be witty, be generous, be creative, be with in the approx spending amount ($35 total) to cover all the little surprises for the whole weekend.

The whole weekend was such fun with little surprises showing up at random moments. It was a beautiful way to show a little love to someone else while taking care of yourself.
Here are the 20 Questions I sent to help the women to "get to know" their Secret Girlfriend a little better -

  1. Birthday-
  2. Place of Birth-
  3. Favorite Color-
  4. Favorite Food-
  5. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor-
  6. Favorite Song-
  7. Favorite Animal/Pet(w/name)-
  8. Lucky Number-
  9. Favorite Creation of Nature-
  10. Favorite Movie-
  11. Favorite Book-
  12. Your Best Day-
  13. Your Worst Day-
  14. The way you like your eggs-
  15. A country you would like to visit-
  16. Something you collect/would like to collect- 
  17. Something you would like to learn-
  18. Something you could teach-
  19. Top 4 people you would like to have dinner (a dinner party, you are all sitting together) with (throughout history, dead or alive could even be fictious)-
  20. The meaning of life-

I almost forgot - I compiled all the 20 questions sheets into a fun book that each of the ladies received with their Welcome Bag. The book was a great way to get to know the girls you may not have known very well and to learn something new about some of your Besties.

For each of my larger Girls Getaways (girlfriends, family, church) I try to do a book of some sort. For more Getaway Book ideas see my next post.
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